BAIT is a termly magazine created by students at the University of Cambridge, discussing controversial social issues. Founded in the summer of 2017, BAIT is a collaboration of opinion pieces, poetry, art and photography all focused on the theme of the term.

All profits from the magazine go to charitable foundations that support issues close to our hearts. So far we have raised money for a fundraiser for glioblastoma care on the NHS, Jimmy’s Cambridge, and SolidariTee. The proceeds from our sixth issue will be donated to the Whitworth Trust, which provides accommodation for vulnerable women in Cambridge.

issue 1 – WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE BRITISH – Easter 2017

issue 2 – ELITISM – Michaelmas 2017

issue 3 – SEX – Lent 2018

issue 4 – LIFE AND DEATH – Michaelmas 2018

issue 5 – SPACE – Lent 2019

issue 6 – CYCLES – Easter 2019

issue 7 – INTERNET – Michaelmas 2019 (coming soon!!!)