We don’t have a hierarchy or any fixed roles within the BAIT team – everyone mucks in and we work together to set a theme, get submissions, select our favourites, design the zine on free-trial Photoshop, choose a charity, send a lottttt of emails, set up a launch party and get BAIT out into the world. We all have our own specialisms of course, but there’s no division into editorial, design or social teams. It’s great fun, and probably one of the highlights of the whole team’s time at uni – seeing our termly baby in the flesh (well, in the paper) is just so special!

The team is open to anyone based in Cambridge, especially students at any level. We usually recruit in Michaelmas term, so keep an eye out for ways to join when the start of term rolls around. Freshers are especially welcome! Whether or not you have any experience, we’d love you to apply – ideas and enthusiasm are what counts!

Current team

Sarah Adegbite

Georgia Capewell

Jonny Cresswell

Miriam Emefa Dzah

Alex Haydn-Williams

Caitlin Horne

Sienna James

Audrey Lee

Matilda Sidel

Suining Sim

Past team members

Celeste Abrahams

Ollie Banks

Amy Baxter

Sasha Bobak

Maria Calinescu

Jack Crawford

Alice Gilderdale

Jess Henderson

Liza Hartley

Hannah Rice

Francesca Rigg

Cameron Walters

Francesca Weekes

BAIT was founded by Amy Baxter.